Villa O. Schützenberger

76, allée de la Robertsau, Strasbourg in 1897-1900 by BERNINGER & KRAFFT Listed monument since 1975

Located in one of the weel-to-do street of Strasbourg, this superb villa has been erected for Oscar Schutzenberger(1).It is one of the first art nouveau building by Berninger & Krafft and brought them fame. With its jutting and low slope roof, this house looks like an italian villa. The façades visible from the street are of french limestone (Savonnières) and are adorned with easter lilies. The window sills end like a coma, meanwhile the ironwork show arum lilies. The rear façades, although more restrained, show some sculpted decor. Take a look to the openings of the forebody at the second floor: they are sustained with metallic columns: those elements have been formerly used in Brussels by Horta for the Tassel mansion (1895). The villa's entrance brings to a lobby flooded by naturel light, is representative of the social rank of the owner: impressive stair with marble and stucco, art nouveau tiles on the walls, and a ceiling adorned with outstanding stuccos showing a frieze with lilies. Also noticeable: two column-radiators on both sides of the entrance door. Horta will use such an element in a more refined way for his own house in Brussels (1898-1901). Also give a look to the janitor's house: it is in stylistic continuity with the villa.


(1) Louis Oscar Schutzenberger (1866-1943) owned a brewery, which still exists at Schiltigheim.


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